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Are you planning to change the roofing of your house?

Two popular materials that are used for roofs include concrete tiles and clay tiles. Before you choose between the two, keep the following factors in mind:

  1.  Resilience

When it comes to resilience and weather resistance, a concrete tile roof is the best option out there! It can withstand any sort of weather conditions. While a clay tile roof offers many of the same benefits as a concrete tile roof, it does require extra support during the installation. This is because clay tiles are much heavier than concrete tiles. 

  1.  Warranty and Lifespan

Both concrete and clay tile roofs have a significantly long lifespan ranging from 50 years to a lifetime. However, this highly depends on the manufacturer of the tiles. 

  1.  Designs and Styles

Both clay tile and concrete roofs are available in a variety of colors and designs. However, while clay tile roofs come in many shapes and sizes, they lack an array or textures as compared to concrete tiles. 

  1.  Energy Efficiency

A concrete tile roof is great at controlling temperatures and keeps your home cool. So, this basically leads to lower energy consumption, hence, making it very efficient for your home. While clay tiles also help conserve energy initially, its asphalt turns darker over time, making it less efficient. 

A majority of people consider installing a clay tile roof for a long-lasting and attractive roof. However, a concrete tile roof is considered just as beautiful and cost effective. You can assess the pros and cons of each type of roof and make your decision!






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