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Concrete-roofing tiles are one of the various types of roofing materials you can choose to beautify your home. However, just like every other material, concrete-tiled roofs are also subject to considerable wear and tear over time. It is much easier to fix a crack in the roof tiles rather than trying to replace the entire roof.  

Here is how you can fix cracks in your concrete-tiled roof. 

  1.  Get a Ladder

The first thing you need to arrange for is a folding ladder. If you try to walk on your roofing tiles to fix that crack, you can actually end up cracking and breaking more of them. If you’re trying to fix a crack that is out of reach, you might want to use an extendable ladder with rubber support. The rubber supports help the ladder spread out your weight, keeping you from falling down. 

  1.  Clean the Tile Crack

Before fixing the crack, make sure that you clean up the surrounding area first. This will help ensure that the repair material bonds well. You can use a fine-toothed brush to get rid of any debris stuck in the crack. You can also try mixing dish soap with water to remove any extra dirt or debris. However, don’t forget to let it dry for at least 24 hours before starting the repair process.

  1.  Silicone Caulking

One of the best solutions for outdoor issues is to use silicone caulks. This is mainly because they are uber-durable and lasting. So, you have to take the silicone caulk and apply it right on top of the cracked tile. The next step is to push the silicone right into the crack using your finger or another convenient object. Now, clean the tile’s surface using an acetone-soaked rag to get rid of any excess silicone caulking from the visible edges of the tile. 

  1.  Repair Cement

Another way you can repair cracks in your roof tiles is through repair cement. It usually comes in a tube and can be squeezed inside a crack and pushed down with a putty knife. However, you are required to clean the surface of the tile immediately after doing this.

All in all, you can use caulking or repair cement to fix cracks in your concrete-tiled roof. You can choose whatever technique suits you best to fix your concrete-tiled roof cracks! 





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