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The roof of your home acts as a shield, protecting you from various environmental elements like the heat of the sun or rainfall. While choosing the material for your roof is a personal choice, you can’t deny the impact different materials can have on the comfort of your home. 

While there are numerous roofing materials, two very popular ones are metal and concrete tiles. 

Here are some pros and cons of the two materials to help you decide which one is better for your home.

  1.  Durability and Resistance

When it comes to longevity and environmental resistance, a concrete tile roof surpasses all other roofing types. It can last up to almost 50 years in comparison to metal roofing that has a lifespan of only 30  to 45 years. A concrete tile roof is tough as it can withstand any conditions. However, a metal roof tends to get rusty after over exposure to different weather elements. 

  1.  Energy Efficiency

Concrete tile and metal roofs are both great when it comes to enhancing energy efficiency. However, a concrete tile roof contributes to reducing energy consumption by controlling internal temperatures. 

  1.  Designs and Styles

Both concrete tile and metal roofs are available in a variety of styles and designs. However, metal roofs look comparatively greater as they go well with any architectural style. 

  1.  Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, the color of a metal roof tends to fade away after a while. Moreover, repairing a metal roof can also be considerably expensive. On the other hand, concrete tiles roof are better in this aspect as the tiles are easier to find. 

  1.  Installation Cost

The installation cost of a metal roof is much higher than a concrete tile roof. This is because they require special skills and expertise to install. 

All in all, a concrete tile roof is generally better than a metal roof in many aspects. However, you can choose any of the two options according to your requirements. 






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