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Asphalt Shingles

Many types of shingles are used with a sloping roof including: Asphalt shingles, Tile Roofing Shingles, Slate Shingles, Wood Shingles, and Metal Shingles. But of all these material types, the overwhelmingly most popular, versatile, simple to install and cost-effective choice is the asphalt shingle roof. The most common type of asphalt shingle homeowners will have installed are either fiberglass shingles or organic mat-based shingles. The shingle will have either an asphalt saturated organic substrate made from cellulose fibers like wood or paper, or it can have a fiberglass based substrate or mat.


Tile Roof

Tiled roofs are beautiful and durable. They are also expensive and heavy, but that is perhaps to be expected from a roofing material that can last 100 years. Traditionally, most roofing tiles were made from slate or a fired clay or terra cotta product, but today's roofing titles are very often made from molded, tinted concrete. Roofing Tiles can come in many shapes: curved, flat, fluted, or interlocking, and in many styles. These tiles come in many variations of style. They can look like wood shakes, clean-edged contemporary shapes or European villa style roofing. This roofing material, especially in concrete, can take on many styles and personalities.


Metal Roof

Metal is an extraordinarily malleable substance that can be cut or molded into any shape. From shingles to panels to corrugated strips, metal roofing can be made to fit any roof. Metal can also be made any color you can imagine. One of the most notable benefits of metal roofing is its lifespan. A metal roof typically comes with a standard warranty, with many lasting even longer. That is because their durability keeps maintenance low and problems to a minimum.


Low Slope

A "low slope roof" is one that slopes 2" in 12" to 4" in 12" of run.Residential low slope roofing can generally be divided up into two broad categories: larger flat roofed applications (low slope) such as residential condominium complexes, row homes, and town houses and smaller applications such as residential porch and garage transitions from the main home where the slope of the roof changes dramatically from steep slope to low slope on the same structure.


Concrete Tile

Concrete roofing tiles are a popular, budget-friendly alternative to traditional clay roofing tiles. Concrete tiles have a long lifespan up to 50 years, require low maintenance, offer good fire protection (Class A rated), and are resistant to rot and insects. They are also considerably lighter in weight than clay tiles, preventing the structural problems often associated with clay tiles. Concrete tiles are extremely durable, and their strength is reinforced by the interlocking mode that has been developed in new roofing installation processes for concrete tiles.

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